Ce n'est pas un film d'horreur, ça existe en France

Made in France.... yes, it's true and it's their pride...but french people would rather vomit instead of eating their so called "biscuits traditionnels français". 
So, turists fall into this very well made trap to take some souvenirs back home. 
Their tempting "look & feel", the little two tresses girl all drawn in the paper bags, the self service and price by weigh style, and the gentle greeting of all their polyglot employees it's the marketing secret of this Big Farce.
It's an industrial production which makes quality decrease to promote the rise of quantity.

Les Chiffres, les chiffres... that's what they really mind, no matter the sanitary problems such as mice infestations in some shops, no matter the security and misstreatment of their employees, no matter if the cookies get more hard and artificial each time!!

It was conceived by a petroleum engineer who was tired of having to leave his country because of his work until he came up with this "fantastic idea".
He made it, he's rich at home! 
Now, as in petroleum business,  he "draines" his employees' lives and environement up to the last ressource. It's an american style enterprise, born and located in France to mock on everybody, especially on the foreigners customers or employees.
It's easy to discover: search for the smiling little girl into  the most shining yellow shop ... then if you dare, try the biscuits they'll offer you at the entrance:
Bonjour, bienvenu. Tenez, une petite dégustation... C'est tout en  libre service, vous avez des gants et des sachets et ça fonctionne au poids 

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