A Pig-headed child


English Writting task 1.
Find the propper definition for the term Pig-headed Child: 
Pig? Well, according to Orwell's Animal Farm, yes! The pig is the one who's subjugated to his idea of animal inequality.
These kind of Pigs stroll around the city malls and streets to perpetuate their own family tradition of parading their flamboyance.

Headed? It's about having a mentality of a certain type... Mentality?...
Oh, well! Whitin their chump there's a muddy defectuous mind filled with twisted social roles imparted by their own parents who've learned to shield their own frustrations through the over-limited procurement of material goods, ephemereal pleasure and ignorance.

Child? It's the human race existence period from the fetus to the teenager phase; the so called 'time of innocence'.

So, one Pig-headed Child is a spoiled kid who could be able to steal his own grandmother, to burn his own doghouse, to pay for his foe's assault without even understanding whether it's right or wrong.

English Writing task 2
Write one sentence including the preceding term.
 Behind the crimes of a Pig-headed Child there's always Daddy who's gonna hush and pay them all.

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